Friday, March 14, 2008

Good News

We just got back from Seattle today. John had an appt at Virginia Mason for his 3 month colonoscopy and the doc gave him a clean bill of health--yippee. We are relieved. He's been having these procedures about every 3-4 months for the last couple of years, so this is really good news!! We're going out to dinner to celebrate. More later. (Hopefully the kitchen will be done next week). Things are looking up!!


Jaimee said...

So glad to hear! I knew he was getting them done but not that often, I feel really bad for him. I've had to have it done once and that was enough for me, they really suck! I'm glad things are good and you should celebrate... we love you and keep being healthy!

Rachel Mai said...

It's about time some good news came out of Washington. With cousins leaving and loved ones passing away, I was about to never come back. :)

We love you guys very much!!!