Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Whoo Hoo! Today is Valentines's Day. Love is in the air, the kitchen cabinets have arrived and they're beginning installation today!! Hopefully, they will finish up on Friday and the countertop installation will begin next Tuesday. Yesterday, Home Depot came and took all the cabinets out of the boxes and inspected them one by one. There was only one shelf that was broken during shipping and we're told that will be easily replaced. I absolutely love them!! John surprised me with reservations at Budd Bay for dinner, but I don't think the workers will be out of here on time, so we'll have to postpone our dinner, but that's okay we'll maybe go this weekend. Better go, my worker bees will be here.

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John JR said...

Happy valentines day to you and Dad. I finaly found the time to visit your blog and enjoyed it. I will get get Wyatt & Evin on your site this weekend.John