Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kitchen Remodel

For those of you who don't know, we're doing a major remodel of our kitchen. It's been "gutted" and the drywall was put up this week. Brandon's been over helping his dad and let me tell you, he's a darn good carpenter (of course he's had an excellent teacher). Next week-end they'll lay the subfloor. The cabinets will be shipped on Feb 5th, so I'm starting to get excited. I'll be sooo glad when our new appliances will be out of the living room and into the kitchen where they belong!! I'm sure for those of you who have lived with a kitchen remodel, will have to agree that doing dishes in the bathtub isn't really a whole lot of fun. But the end result will be worth it!! We've gone through Home Depot for most of this project and they have been wonderful to work with, no complaints whatsoever.


Unknown said...

This is so great. I'm so proud of you Aunt Deb. Mom started a blog (sort of). I can't wait to read all your posts. I'm adding you to our blogroll right now so I can check on you frequently. Love ya! Happy bathtubbing.


Jaimee said...

Yay, I'm glad I could do something good in this life! I'm sure this qualifies, right?!! Sounds like you have a crazy house right now but the end result will be fabulous! I'm happy for the two of you and can't wait to see pics of your remodel! Good Luck!!